Discover How Softwashing

Cleans Better & Lasts Longer

Than Traditional Pressure

Washing Without the 

Chance of Damaging 

your Windows, Siding,

and Painted Surfaces.


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"Super professional and he did a amazing job on my house! Looks better than the day I moved in!"

-Louis B. via facebook

"Great experience, Great price, on time, nice honest guy.... did a awesome job on my house will definitely use again!!"

-Vince M. via facebook

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Why is Softwashing Better for Your Home?
  • No Damage

While 4000+ PSI will certainly clean away dirt, it can leave behind damaging consequences. Our softwash process uses a force similar to your garden hose, so you don't have to worry about broken window gaskets, striped siding, broken siding, or paint damage.

  • It Lasts Longer

That green mildew that grows on the house is similar to a weed. It has a root and a stem. When you blast it off the surface it leaves the root. Just like a weed, if you don't get the root, it will grow back quick. Softwashing uses special detergents that will kill the mildew and lift dirt off the surface for a more thorough and longer lasting clean.

  • No Water Behind the Siding

Our houses have lots of openings that allow it to breathe. High pressure washing pushes water into these areas and behind the siding where it has a hard time escaping and can cause mold growth. High PSI washing has also been know to get into electrical areas and cause lights, outlets, and door bells to stop working.

  • Brighter Clean

Our cleaning detergents lift away deep seated dirt and gently rinse it away. Your white trim will pop and the house will shine!

bright white trim pressure washing befor


You Get All These Free Extras!

  • Free Exterior Inspection and Report   ($50 Value)

  • Free Electrical Masking ($39 Value)

  • Free Patio/Porch Furniture Moving ($45 Value)

  • No Missed Work Days - We work while you're at work ($150+ Value)

  • Free Front Door Hand Cleaning ($19 Value)

  • 30 Day Missed Spot Guarantee (Shouldn't everyone warranty their work?)

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Our Story

The pressure washing company never showed up to my Chesapeake home. It was the third time

that I was stood up.  I didn't really have time to tackle this project but I didn't have time to waste waiting

for no one to show up, again. So off to Home Depot for me.  A few hundred dollars for a machine and

I was back home.  9.5 hours later I was soaking wet, tired, and certain to never pick up a pressure washing

wand again. Boy was I wrong.

That was a few years ago and believe it or not all that green stuff grew back on the side of my house. 

One morning I woke up and called in sick. I was fed up with my job and decided I'd rather be home that

day pressure washing than sitting at my desk. So I wheeled the pressure washer out and prepared for

10 more hours of sore muscles and wet clothing. But the machine wouldn't start. I changed the plugs and

the oil and eventually got it started. Success! Then water started shooting everywhere. The pump had

split. If you aren't aware, the pump is the expensive part on a pressure washer. So basically my $400+

pressure washer was toast and I had cleaned the house a grand total of one time.

So I'm out a days pay and now needed a new pressure washer.  Even if it cost me $600, it would've been cheaper to hire someone, but no one seemed to be reliable. I decided to research it a little bit and see if I could find a good deal on a new machine. Instead of a good deal, I found a new career. 

That day I stumbled upon soft washing. I ended up spending the whole day researching the specialized equipment and the detergents. Discovered how it cleaned more thoroughly than high pressure and minimized the chance of damage. I learned that the equipment available at the home improvement store was the equivalent to me trying to cook steak with a lighter.  And I already knew that Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Hampton Roads needed a reliable house washing company. 

And here we are. I invested in the equipment and perfected the detergent formula that cleans thoroughly and smells great. I quit the job that made me unhappy and now wash a bunch of houses. It's so satisfying to see the instant results of our work and how happy it makes our clients. 

Hopefully, we get the opportunity to show you.   - Mickey Ferrell

20200414170853_IMG_8313_2 (2).JPG

Mickey Ferrell Owner/Operator of Sudsy House Washing and his son Trey, who helps on many jobs.

Our Exterior Cleaning Services

Offered in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Hampton Roads.

Pressure Washing


Sudsy offers pressure washing in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Hampton Roads for durable surfaces such as brick and concrete.

Soft Washing


Our soft washing services are ideal for vinyl sided homes. We also clean Hardi-board siding without damage

Roof Cleaning

roof washing chesapeake in process.jpg

Those black streaks on your roof are bad news. We use a gentle cleaning approach

for roof cleaning in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, & Hampton Roads. 

Deck Cleaning


We will bring your deck back to life with our deck cleaning service. We clean, restore, seal, and stain.

Our Work

Examples of our pressure washing, soft washing, and  roof cleaning services in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Hampton Roads.

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What does pressure washing and soft washing cost?

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